Wyze Thermostat Condenser Fan Not Turning On

Got the thermostat hooked up but its hit or miss if the outside condensor fan turns on. I noticed it with HEAT where it would not turn on and the blower just blowing room temp air. The past few days, running the AC however has been working pretty good. But, this morning as it was cold, we turned the heat on, it seemed to work ok, but going back to AC, the fan again will not turn on. Right now the blower has been on for about 40 minutes, the display says cooling to 70 in over 2 hours.

Install seemed to have gone well except for one thing, it kept giving an error about the * (star) wire not being connected. The wire is connected and is inserted into the socket as far as I can get it. I finally just skipped it.

Then it asked what type of Unit this was, i just used a forced blower/furnace I believe it was.

Not sure what to do. Ill provide the old wiring/thermostat and the wyze one below.

here is the error message