Wyze Thermostat no power issue

When I throw the power switch into the on position for my HVAC system I hear an audible click from the Wyze Thermostat but no logo appears. I am using the c-wire adapter, and from what I can tell everything is properly wired in. I tested the voltage of R to C, and G was the only one showing any voltage at 23.3v.

Post pic of old thermostat wiring.

A few hours late, but here you go. Maybe you can deduce this a little further.

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I think the direction for the CWA is to continue to connect your G wire from the furnace to the G terminal.

I found this diagram on one of the chats.


I don’t quite understand, the AC and Heater are using the same control panel. I think that’s why I have the R and W.

I decided to revert to my old thermostat. Gave up on the Wyze Thermostat unfortunately.

Could you try setup in the app? If the app finds the thermostat, it may be a defective unit

Since you have forced air both heat and ac your system has one 24v transformer so one red wire that controls both heat and ac. They close the electric loop but activating heat using W1 and A/C by Y1

So the way you hooked it up is correct however the G fan wire I see is at the C terminal based on your picture. It should be at the G terminal. Then make sure to set up your tutorial like that