WYZE Thermostat My first Impression

Is it me or is it lack of documentation that is making me uncertan about this product?
I don’t understand the Behavior setting, max savings vs max comfort? Regardless of which I choose, the heat comes on at -2 below my setting and off at +2 degrees, what is supposed to happen? I think it would be easier to give the user plus or minus 1 degree or half a degree input control.
The coast to cool feature is poorly worded as it also affects the heating cycle. Because it is now Winter, this feature stood out to me as needing a lot of user input adjustment capability. Why? The air handler is located in the attic where it is 30 degrees and has the least amount of insulation. The coast to cool runs the fan after the heatpump has stopped way too long. It runs so long that all the heat is gone and cold air is being circulated. It would be great if the user could control the fan run time, say 1 or 1.5 minutes before turning off.

Ability to adjust temp differential to set point is coming, at some point. Currently it set at +/- 9.5 degrees, but I think heat pump systems aren’t as quick to affect temp.

Here are my observations for forced air, 2 stage heat…

First, I’ll preface my comments here with the fact that although I received this thermostat over a month ago, I’ve not yet installed it. Your 4 degree temp differential seems to be a very common issue and would not be tolerated AT ALL in my home. A very tech savvy engineer friend nearby with the same HVAC setup as me has had no luck in solving this problem, and has recommended I wait until updates are issued or he’s able to get his working acceptably. Last I heard, his wife was insisting he remove it. Very puzzling to me that I can find little response or help offered by tech support. I did see one forum response that said an update was in the works, but I’ve seen no further information about that. Further, there’s been plenty of complaining on the Facebook page, but ZERO responses from Wyze, even when the various moderators were “tagged” in the post. I was really impressed by the product video and the description of how it was designed, but now feeling pretty let down. I’d be happy to continue to wait if I knew the complaints were being heard and something was being done.