Wyze thermostat 'Behavior' sensitivity?

Installed my thermostat 2 days ago - Goodman forced air gas furnace, variable speed, modulating. With my old Honeywell T6 thermostat the furnace stayed on low speed most of the time, exc. mornings when raising the temp from 64 to 68. The temp swings were minimal.

With the Wyze, the temp swings are greater, and the furnace goes on high almost every time. Apparently it’s waiting for the temp to drop quite far before issuing a call to heat, so then the furnace goes on high to swing the heat back up. How can I adjust the thermostat sensitivity? I’ve tried setting it to both extremes of the “Behavior” range but that doesn’t seem to have any effect on the above behavior, and the description of the Behavior setting is so vague and all-encompasing that it’s not clear what it actually controls.

It seems that Wyze is trying to hide the complexities of HVAC management behind some algorithms guided by a couple of simple concepts like “Behavior” plus the heating configuration setup questions, That’s probably a god thing for people who don’t want to know the details, but there should be a way for those of us who do like to dig a little deeper (incl. HVAC pros) to control specific behavior. Maybe an “Advanced” configuration option with a caveat (like Honeywell thermostats), or at least a “Sensitivity” setting.

Anyone else with similar problems - or better yet, a solution??


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FYI, I removed the Wyze and went back to my Honeywell T6. The Wyze temp swings were just too much for me (and for the furnace). Hope Wyze fixes this!

Here are the temp. swings using the Wyze thermostat, as measured right by the thermostat. (Drops down to 65 at night, then back up to 68)


And here are the swings since switching back to the T6. Nice even heat!


Same here. I set it at 72f. It shows on app heating to 72 on app when it drops to 71 but the thermostat does not start until it drops to 70 and then heat it up and not stopping until it’s too hot to 74! Behavior settings doesn’t work at all. It works the same no matter I set it to max saving, balanced or max comfort.

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I’m having similar issues. I set my temp to 66. when the thermostat see 65, the heat comes on and 10 seconds later the thermostat read 70 and a minute later the heat shuts off. then the thermostat read 66 gain seconds later. the heat is cycling too often. it would run every 10 minutes. the old thermostat would run maybe every hour.

I don’t have any nice minute by minute charts to share but 2 anecdotes.

My thermostat drops to Heat to 65 at night and switched to Heat to 70 at 630am.
I had been in the middle Balanced setting and the other day by the time I had gone downstairs at 730 it was reading as “65 heating to 70 in an hour” and I think it may have only gone on at that time.

I’ve since successively stepped up the setting more towards comfort (a setting I didn’t anticipate needing as with Nest at my old apartment I never requested to heat in advance of my scheduling). This morning at 715am it was somewhere between the 65 and the 70 but again I don’t think it had turned on yet that AM until I came down.

Makes me wonder if somehow its trying to use motion to determine if anyone is home even if there’s no Away temperature preference in the house.

Edit: Despite people saying that furmaces should do a long run this seems to be pushing shorter runs.

I’ve got a 4 wire setup to the adapter and it system tests fine. But here I am seeing it display orange with the heat running, then a couple minutes later it still displays orange but no heat, then a couple minutes later it’s running the heat again.

My old thermostat would have the temperature at the requested time in the schedule. That is, if I set sleep to 65 then home to 70 at 8am, my old thermostat would have the temperature come on earlier so that the temperature would be close to 70 and the desired time of 8am. This does not appear to be happening on the Wyze thermostat. So I guess I need to compensate for that lag time and set my schedule for 7:45 to warm to 70 by 8am. Wyze just works differently than I was expecting.

I am having the same issues. This thermostat is incredibly difficult and frustrating.

Not managing properly at all. It overshoots every time WAY too far.

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My thermostat seems too sensitive as well. Sometimes it will say 72, then minutes later it’s 68 and the heat comes on. It runs for a minute then shuts off (I know the house hasn’t heated up 4 degrees in a minute with baseboard heat). I’m seeing much more short run times with this thermostat. I’ll be taking it down for a while until Wyze gets things sorted out. I don’t think it’s saving me any money in heating at this point. Sad because I’m a big Wyze fan.

Hi people. Has anyone experienced this issue?

I set my thermostat to keep 72°F in my house. When the thermostat is heating up the house, it will constantly go to 73°F and stop heating. It will than wait until the temperature in the house showing 71°F before it starts heating up the house and goes 1 degree higher than the preset temperature of 72°F.

What is your point? Thermostat’s are suppose to control when to heat and when not to. You want 72 it kicks on at 71 and off at 73 - can’t get much closer that that.

My previous thermostat Honeywell WiFi RTH 8500 model cut off when it reach the preset temperature of 72°F. That’s my point and want to see if I am the only person who has this issue.

I already entered a support ticket and keep getting level one support. Useless. I know my way a round tech myself and this seems like abnormal behavior.

@Gary , actually you could get a lot closer than that: thermostats can measure in fractions of a degree (!), so it could kick on at 71.3 and off at 72.0, for example.

And this would make a lot of sense, in fact: on a hydronic system the heat continues to be dissipated for quite a while after the pump shuts off, esp. if using radiators, and even forced air systems continue to blow out heat until the heat exchanger has cooled down, so if the call for heat doesn’t actually shut off until 73 then you can easily heat up to 74 or more.

What’s really needed is a better, more precise and more transparent way to control the thermostat behavior and sensitivity, so we can have even heat regardless of what kind of system you have. Right now the temp fluctuates all over the place, which is why I pulled out the Wyze thermostat and put back my Honeywell. There are several other people who’ve done the same thing, according to other threads on this same topic. Hope Wyze fixes this problem soon!


Thanks @desbider for confirming that I am not the only one. Maybe @WyzeMike can help me out with this issue.

My separately measured data shows a +- 0.5 degrees off set point which is also confirmed by @Chuan. See pics. At the same time my tstat display shows +- 1.0 degree, I think due to rounding up at .5 degree and down below. I’d like them to show the temp to decimal and not round.

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