Wyze Thermostat making clicking noise

Thank for helping us as we try to figure this out. I have a C wire, and I get 27v AC from Rc to everything else (original thermostat had C, W, Y, and R

I rewired according to the directions

R = Rc
W =W1
Y = Y1
C = C

I still just get a clicking sound on the wyze thermostat. I do not have a traditional ac unit. We have a package unit. Not sure how much that changes things. But there are no terminals inside the unit, but rather the Stat wire is wirenutted to a multi pin connector. I’d attach more pics if wyze allowed…

Any help for my situation would be appreciated.

Need a forum mod to get you the ability to post more images. Can’t do much without seeing the other side of the wires.

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Got it. Thanks for the flag and for your invaluable help around here. thumbsup2

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Thanks. In the process of looking the furnace side I discovered that on the other end nothing was connected to the c terminal. I think the green wire was in the wrong port by mistake at the thermostat. I wired it using the c wire adapter and everything works now.


If anyone is digging up this thread I found another common issue.

If you have a multi zone system your thermostat wires probably run through a separate controller for the dampers before making it to the furnace. Switching the G wire to the C terminal at your furnace will not work and neither will the wyze adapter.

In a situation like this your options are to bypass/delete your zone controller and then switch the G to C terminal at the furnace or find a way to get an extra wire directly from your C furnace terminal to your thermostat. FYA, if you bypass the zone controller you will only be able to use the 1 thermostat.