Wyze Thermostat // Issues With Dual Band Networks

Hey everyone,

I’m having trouble with my Wyze Thermostat. I’m in contact with Support, but I wanted to discuss it here in case others are experiencing similar issues.

Lately, my thermostat struggles to maintain target temperatures. It seems like the problem arises when the thermostat attempts to switch between wifi bands. Whenever the temperature reaches around 19/20 degrees Celsius, the thermostat shows an ‘offline’ status. This leads to the heating turning off, and the thermostat won’t start heating again until I manually restart it in the advanced settings.

I’ve noticed that the thermostat only supports 2.4GHz signals, so I separated the bands on my router. Despite re-adding the thermostat to my account using the 2.4GHz network, the advanced settings still indicate it’s connected to the old dual-band network.

My internet setup is with T-Mobile, using their “Home Internet” Package with a modem/router combo running both bands. I currently have the device connected to a personal router.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues on an aggregated network?

I have not experienced anything like what you are. I would be surprised if Wyze T-stat does not perform default heating and cooling operations when not connected to Wi-Fi. Can anyone confirm what T-stat does when offline?