Wyze Thermostat is the 0/W2 wire compatible?

I did the compatibility check before I ordered and entered the 0/W2 wire as “0” and it said it was compatible. But now I’m not so sure. Apparently the 0 is an 0/B wire. I don’t have that.
The other wires seem straightforward enough.

if u have a heat pump, I would think telling the app u have O should work.

If I have a heat pump that is news to me. But, assuming I do and don’t realize it, should I connect the wire to the Wayz 0/B connection, or the W2 connection?

good question. I believe heat pumps are typically wired to O, and typically the wire is orange. W2 is for 2nd stage heating.

@speadie can better advise.

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the more I think about it, if u don’t think u have a heat pump but know u have a 2 stage furnace, it may just be W2

I checked a few web sites and they say, “The fastest way to determine whether you have a heat pump or not is to turn the heat on at your thermostat. Once you feel hot air coming through your vents, walk outside and see if the outdoor unit is running. If the outside unit is running and producing heat, then you have a heat pump.”
My unit runs, so I clearly have a heat pump (who knew). The wire is orange.
Thanks for the quick reply.

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Note, you should not have any where near that much stripped wire showing outside the terminal blocks. Way too easy to short something. The end of the insulation should be at about the face of the terminal block - or even closer to the screw clamp.

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