Wyze thermostat installation tells me to ignore one wire, resulting in no heat

Hello, and happy New year,

Just installed my new Wyze thermostat, replacing Lennox 51M33, The old wiring is visible on this pic - 20201229191536154.jpg - Google Drive, There are 7 wires connected to the following terminals;
orange (B)
red (R)
green (G)
yellow (Y1)
white (W1)
dark grey (L)
light grey (C)

The installation within the Wyze app told me to ignore the dark grey wire (L) - see the screenshot - Screenshot_20201231-074402_Wyze.jpg - Google Drive

During the test runs the air was tepid, not warm, and now it doesnt seem like it is heating at all.

Why was I told to ignore this one wire? It must have been used for something in the old thermostat …

According to the 51M33 manual, the L wire is for a “service indicator” and as such I don’t think it would do anything to control heating or cooling. The W(1) wire would be for heating. Would you have a picture of how you wired the Wyze terminals?

Thank you Vincent,
I was wrong, It seems to be working now.

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