Wyze Thermostat Help

Hi all,

I’ve installed the Wyze thermostat and CWA per the install instructions but both units (furnace and AC) are turning on when I select hear. Need your help…

Here is my old furnace wiring. It has a c wire installed but it runs to a wiring nut with what appears to be my condenser power? Y, W, R, G as well.

![image|281x500](upload://qDo6oaFsImWWjrvjfxembof46J7 by.jpeg)

I’ve installed the CWA per the app instructions, pictured below. I left the blue c wire at the furnace connected along with the CWA c wire.

When I choose “heat to x temp” both my outside unit and furnace click on. The air coming out of the vents is around 60 degrees when it should be closer 70. If I disconnect breaker to AC unit, nice warm heat comes out of vents. Thoughts on how to remedy?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, not sure why my pic didn’t upload correctly. This is the old control board set up.

And here is the new wiring set up with the CWA.

Hey @kloafman, welcome to the Community , see my photo below. You have the other Y wire from the A/C connected to R on the C Adapter which is applying power whether you choose heat or a/c.


Thanks for the help. I’ve set it up as you indicated but the AC unit is still kicking on with the heater. Any other thoughts?

Can you upload a clear photo of each wire sleeve? I need to see the wires coming out of them and where they are going.


Here you go.

Lead #1 (the top brown wire) runs to a bundle of wire nuts that appears to connect to the 4-wire set that runs to my thermostat. The second lead set runs to a condensate pump.

Ok, I see now. Sorry, reconnect the 2 red wires with the wire nuts, those are for the condensate pump. The white labeled “R” goes to “C” on the board. They ran the wires out and made the connection with all the wire nuts which makes this difficult. Your best bet is to have an HVAC contractor come in and wire it up.


Yeah, this is a mess. Might just have to call the pros to cleanly rewire. If I do what you suggest, then there would be no “r” into the CWA. Is that ok?

You actually don’t need the CWA, you have plenty of wires in the sleeve.

Wire it back the way you had it so you at least have heat.


I rewired to it’s original form and just killed the AC breaker so we have heat.

This wiring is so screwed up, from what I can tell they ran 6 wire bundle from the control board to a 4-wire bundle that runs up to my thermostat via these wire nuts (only 4 wires up there thus why I installed the CWA). I found the 2-wire AC bundle and that runs to the red, yellow, blue wirenut combo (the red lead from AC to the yellow and blue which go the control board). The ground ground goes to a white lead that is in “w” in CWA. Like I said, a mess.

Anyway, thank you so much for the help and time. I really appreciate it. Happy Holidays.


I can’t tell by the pictures but if you trace the wires from the condensate pump which has a safety switch usually you only disable a condenser but they may have disabled red totally and if everything works and you have the same five wires above at your t-stat R W Y G B and I’m talking red from the two wires from the condensate pump we should head to the stat. Not to confuse you but the white going to the board’s R terminal is going to the condensate pump’s safety switch which opens when condensate is not pumped out.
PS: I don’t believe you need the adapter.


Thank you for the help, I’m going to call it quits for the night as it’s going to be about 20 degrees here and I’m in the southern US where cold is usually about 50, hahah. I’ve put it back to it’s original form (second pic in this post).

I’ve traced the pump wires and the red runs from the pump directly to the lower brown bundle which is wire nutted to the red from the top brown bundle. The white runs from the lower brown bundle to the “R” on the control board.

p.s. if I don’t have the CWA, there is no “C” wire at the thermostat.

Sorry Kyle. I was typing after you posted. Brian is right.
Edit: It is 17 here now in Mi. Where I’m at.