Wyze Thermostat going off line randomly

I have had the Wyze Thermostat for a couple months now. When it works it mostly works good. But about every couple of weeks it goes off line and won’t come back on line until I disconnect the thermostat and the adapter in the furnace. I have only a 4 wire system. Once everything has been re-connected then it will usually work again for awhile then do it all over again. This is a royal pain in the $%#. So far this has happened when I’ve been home but if would happen while I’m gone for work or vacation this could be a major problem.

You shouldn’t need to disconnect things. Please share images of how everything is wired- it’s possible something is hooked up incorrectly and tripping a resettable fuse.

Here are some pictures. It must have a problem with the adapter in furnace because when it goes of line my multimeter readings in at the thermostat have no voltage. there is still voltage at the furnace but not coming out of the adapter.

You have a blue wire at your thermostat and at your furnace. Have you tried using that wire as C instead?
You’d need to reprogram your thermostat (reset it and re-add it) to tell it that you have a C wire, but it should fix any problems that the C adapter might be introducing.

Is this a package unit, or is there an external A/ C unit somewhere?

Yes I have connected the blue wire at both the furnace and thermostat but I get no voltage on the blue wire for some reason at the thermostat. There must be a brake somewhere along the line of the blue wire is my guess.

When the C adapter stops working, are you checking for voltage between the R and G Terminals on the adapter?

Yes between the R and G.

When it goes off line I get no voltage on any wire at the thermostat from R to G or Y or W or C.
Then after I disconnect the adapter from the furnace for about 10 minutes and reconnect then I have voltage again at the thermostat. To me it looks as though the adapter is bad.

It’s possible the movs inside the adapter might have failed if there was a high enough voltage spike, but I wouldn’t expect that disconnecting and reconnecting it would fix anything. Are you physically removing the adapter and then putting it back in, or are you just power cycling the furnace?

Yes I have been physically been removing the adapter and reinstalling it.