Wyze thermostat compatibility (2 wire)

As it seems like many before me I have purchase a Wyze thermostat without checking compatibility. Throughout my home I do have some traditional Honeywell thermostats but also a couple Nest. Because I had nest i assumed Wyze would work fine. I only have a red (R/H) wire and a white (W) wire to the existing thermostat. Is there any way Wyze can work ?

Check in your wall behind your thermostat for more wires. The wyze needs at least 3 wires to work.
If you don’t have more wires, you could use a plug in wall transformer to power the wyze, but then you have to deal with getting the wires from the transformer to the thermostat.

My a/c is running while my furnace runs and shouldn’t be

You probably told the wyze that you have a heat pump, or you are mistaking the fan running during the heat call before the heat exchanger heats up for A/C. Show old thermostat wiring and wyze wiring.