Wyze switch refuses to connect

Attempting to set up wyze switch. Everything correct: wiring, password etc.
But it FAILS to connect to network.

Things to check: 2.4ghz? Special characters in SSID/password? Assume other Wyze products are connected?

2.4 network - yes,
special char. - none,
all ten of my other wyze devices are ok - yes.

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The switches may be harder to troubleshoot since you can’t really move them. I assume the wifi signal strength is strong enough where you’ve placed the switch? I don’t have one of them so I’m somewhat taking guesses at what I’ve seen for other Wyze devices. Does the setup give you any kind of error message? Any spaces in the SSID/Password? Are either of them too long for Wyze?

Try pressing and holding the button for 20 seconds (factory reset) and start fresh. I had to do this with one of mine. Make sure you have bluetooth turned on.

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