Wyze Switch Won't Pair

I’ve tried everything to pair my Wyze switch with no luck (including calls/chat with customer service). I have a TP Link router dual band and am sure I was connected to the 2.4 band. I bought three and changed them out just to make sure it wasn’t a defective single unit. Nothing seems to work. I have several cameras, plugs, etc that all connect correctly…it’s just these switches. HELP!

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Welcome to the community! Thank you for your post for help regarding connections with your Wyze switches. I am also a community member and I have about a dozen Wyze switches in my house. I have never experienced connection problems with mine. Just a few basics come to my mind.

Are the lights on the switch (indicating you have the hot and neutral wire connected right.)

Here is the reset procedure…

Press and hold the switch button for 20 seconds. When the LED status begins to blink quickly, release the button .

Maybe this helps.