How to reset a wyze switch and how to find a missing connection wyze switch?

Background: I bought 3 switches and installed 2 already. Those were success.


  1. Today I installed the 3rd one and my circuit breaker triggered. After I installed a minute, I had the 3rd one connected to the app already, However, because of my circuit breaker triggered, I checked my connections. After that I saw that the LED light was blinking, but it did not talk to my app any more. So I deleted the ‘switch’ from my app and try to reconnect to it again. However, the switch could not be found.

  2. As I mentioned, the first two switches have been used for a couple days. However, after the circuit breaker triggered today, one of the two could not be found in the app also (offline).

How to fix all these issue?

A video of my 3rd switch current situation

My wyze app could not find my 3rd switch

My wyze app shows my 2nd switch offline

Here is a link which tells you how to reset the Wyze Switch:

However, @R.Good had some issues with his switch and found out that it was actually his router. Maybe he can shed some light on his issue.

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