Wyze Subscription Help

Have multiple subscriptions to Cam Plus pro ~12 on one annual plan, and 4 on another and I just bought the unlimited. Do I need to cancel the other subs?

Depends if you want to keep the other subs or just have all of them under the annual unlimited plan…

I would say yes , I had individual subscriptions before I bought the unlimited plan and then when I bought the unlimited plan I cancelled the other subscriptions


Thank you, Much appreciated.


@Rulwiz is correct, depends on if you need them or not. If you do, then keep them, if not then delete them.

However, I have a question: Cam Plus Pro, do you mean Cam Protect? If so, then you will not get the protect option with Cam Plus Unlimited. You will get all of the notification features and AI processing, but you will not get Noonlight and an option to Arm and Disarm. Also note: Cam Protect provides Facial Recognition, Cam Plus does not offer that.

Just a few things to consider.

I have Wyze HMS and Cam Plus Unlimited. Have never looked back. :slight_smile:


Also remember, no refunds for unused portion of cancelled subscriptions.