Wyze Streaming Device like Chromecast or fire stick type device

Can we get a steaming device? I know there is already Chromecast and Fire stick but can wyze not compete? Make it more affordable, make it have a remote and allow wyze cameras to stream seamlessly with them. I absolutely hate that my Chromecasts do not have remotes and I need to either get my phone out to pause or that I need to yell at my Google Assistant to pause.

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That requires a LOT of media deals to make it valuable and the giants are already battling it out.

I sympathize. I stopped using Chromecasts years ago almost entirely because of the lack of a remote (I hear the latest ones finally do?). I went Firestick and didn’t look back.

I don’t know if it does require deals with companies. Pretty sure they are just apps that run on an operating system then take you to the service. The deals that are out there are to put buttons on remotes where the streaming company (Netflix) is paying the casting company (Roku). There are so many cheap ones out there that are poorly manufactured. I bet wyze could get a good one going

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Perhaps you’re right. But even just getting apps on the device is a significant undertaking. I’d prefer straight Android but they’d probably want a skin of some sort and their own app store.

It wouldn’t have to be a store. Simply having the apps preloaded like Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, etc. It probably does take a bit of coding but I’m sure they have some pretty intelligent people working for them! :wink:

Field is already saturated with SmartTVs and external devices. Why would this be an attractive market for Wyze?


I’m not sure if I would call it saturated. I know there are the big three of Google/Android and Roku and Alexa/ Fire stick. But you are correct most people are choosing to go with a smart tv over a dumb tv with a seperate device to stream. I always find it more affordable to do the latter. Alexa does not come built into tvs like Chromecast and google does but there is still a huge market for them and I think there always will be. Wyze expanding into this market would not be that big of a stretch, they like to make products that allow more people to enter into the smart market. This will also allow them to help people be able to stream there own wyze cameras to there tvs so much easier.

I think Wyze would end up as Roku knockoff. They don’t have the synergies as does Apple/Google/Amazon.

Wyze would be challenged to integrate their own oddball ecosystem at best – and they have the attention span of a puppy with product management.

They would probably actively shun a streaming device. My guess is an IoT sex toy on the near horizon with faulty parts.

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Sounds like you are having a real sour time with wyze. I don’t think having a Roku knockoff is necessarily a bad thing. Is it’s affordable and can be used to stream tv plus all the cameras I already have, I would think that would be incredibly appealing to a lot of current customers and new customers

Been using Wyze since 5/18 and have watched them make avoidable errors. My v2 cams have been great. The v1 Sense debacle really annoyed me. The Video Doorbell has also been good except for being too sensitive.

I might buy a v3 cam to watch my backyard but switched to Eufy for their HomeKit Secure Video integration inside my house.

My problem with Wyze is with their product management. These fora are full of reasons I don’t need to recap.