Simple Task - Can Wyze Not Add a Chromecast Button

Can Wyze not integrate a Chromecast button to stream video feed to any darn Chromecast enabled device such as a Tv?? It’s a simple api call that any inexperienced software engineer can do. This is like one of the most important feature that is missing for years that should’ve been there from the start.

Google voice control sucks and especially in a house with kids. It’s also very frustrating when you say ok google on google nest display and it cancels out the Wyze feed after it takes 1 min to load any feed to, when it does work. Half the time streaming video to displays don’t even work


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Sounds good I guess, but I wonder if it’s quite that simple, especially since Wyze has changed around its P2P setup (TUTK and then a WebRTC flavor). For me I gave up on my Chromecasts years ago… because they really suck. I still have one on a bedroom TV. Guess which HDMI input we never use?