Chromecast support?

So apparently Wyze has integration with Google Home/Assistant now but it does not work for me. I recently set up a Chromecast on a TV and it will not display the feed to that TV. For example, my camera in my garage is called “Garage Camera” and my Chromecast is called “Basement Chromecast”. If I say “Hey Google, show me the garage camera on my basement chromecast” it will bring up a selection of youtube videos related to “garage camera”. If I just say “Hey Google, show me the garage camera” it says “Sorry I don’t know where to play the video, tell me the exact screen”. I’ll then say “Basement chromecast”. After a pause it will say “Sorry, I can’t do that yet”. I’ve linked my Wyze account with Google Home and the cameras are listed in my Google Home app.

What am I doing wrong?

Just some thoughts… First and foremost, not sure how long ago you linked your Wyze account to Google Home, but unlink them and re-link. That was the biggest issue I had when I would ask for a camera and it would try to show videos. The accounts showed as linked but something had changed at one end or the other.

Also, try using simpler naming conventions in the Google Home app. Just name the camera “Garage”, and the Chromecast “Basement TV” for example. My garage camera is just “Garage” and one of the chromecasts is “TV Room TV.” so, I say, “Show me the Garage on TV Room TV” and, after a long wait and often a black screen, it eventually appears.


Thanks for the reply.

My Google Home and Wyze Home accounts have been linked for months but I did unlink and re-link them as part of my troubleshooting. I don’t want to get too simple with my naming conventions as I have quite a few smart devices so I need to be more specific than just saying the room these cameras are in. I don’t think adding “Camera” to the device name should be too onerous.

The fact that it says “Sorry, I can’t do that yet” seems strange. I’m in Canada if that makes any difference.

It’s really no big deal that I can’t look at the cams on my TV as that wasn’t the purpose of getting the Chromecast but it’s a little frustrating when things don’t work like I think they should.

I understand… I have three Google Home devices, two chromecasts, 8 Wyze cameras, 12 Wyze and Hue bulbs, four smart plugs… and a roomba. I talk more to my IoT devices than I do my wife sometimes.

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