WYZE stopped working....again.... on the 11th, No info on Wyze.com

Well, Wyze stopped working…again, very similar to the AWS outage last month. So I went to Wyze.com. NO notification there!! Looked in the Forum’s recent entries, Forum only had an entry "Terms of Service and security update… read it…update to best protect…NOTHING ABOUT IT WILL STOP WORKING!! I was looking for “stopped, not working, service outage etc”. You knew customers were going to go down that day! All you needed was a bar with a link so not to p off the marketing types who control the Wyze.com page. After going through the AWS service outage last month, you think someone at Wyze would have learned. You knew that your customers would be down on the 11th yet nothing was posted to properly help us. You REALLY need a customer orientated person in there! Someone with a little bit of “what if?”. Someone who can see from another perspective other than their own. Anticipate instead of poorly reactive. Please put important information where we can find it and not hide it behind a “terms of service update”.

There’s nothing down,no reports etc,must be at your location only

Mine is down too

Actually that thread does mention it.

It could have been a LOT better (earlier) advertised for sure. They sent some mailings very recently.

There has been alot of info on the 1.11.22 update,email,Forum