Wyze - Stop it! Every time you auto-update everything changes!

I’m sooooooo sick of all your features auto-changing.
Seems like about every 60 days something happens, either stuff stops working (notifications, recording, etc) and I have to figure out how to make it all work how i originally set it up again.

Today my wife says “I wish the inside camera wasn’t notifying for a person every time”, and I responded “it doesn’t”. Then I checked the app, and sure enough it was sending notificaitons for persons on my inside camera. [Mod Edit]

I will never buy another Wyze product again. I’m done. I’m too lazy to throw it all away and invest in something else right now, so I’ll let it go until I find something else I like better, but be sure that you have 100% lost a customer. This has been going on for the entire time I’ve owned the products, with 6 cameras. What a waste. All you have to do is leave it alone and let it continue to work as intended instead of updating features every 2 weeks.
And no, you can’t just not update, because the app starts to not work, then firmware has to be updated, etc, etc…

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