Wyze steps up its budget-focused home security game with Noonlight partnership

Has anyone seen this yet? Little interesting…

Weird. They (and many here) claim not to be a security company. And yet here we are - with the partnership of a company that will bring emergency response integration into their consumer line of “non-security” products. Very interested in hearing what the forum has to say about this…

EDIT: purchase > partnership. ThankS for pointing out the error.

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I saw partnership mentioned but not purchase. Big difference.

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It makes perfect sense, Wyze like any company is seeking ways to monetize its product line. Legally they maintain the necessary fiction that their products should not be used for security. This protects them from liabilities in case some suffers a loss while using their products as a security device. But they are certainly blurring that line now. I would guess that this particular move will make it relatively easy for a good attorney to take them to task over an obviously mixed message.

It will be interesting to see how it pans out.

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