App in need of serious redesign - Yes or No?

Sorry, @Carlo, I’m not from the Boomer generation, i have been raised, trained, mentor and some of my closest friends are from that group.

By listening and learning from them I have been able to accelerate my life, I appreciate that generation and will always protect that generation.

Again, never assume.

Because if you read these postings, by placing the needs of others before yourself, you will understand their needs and their view points.

I have learned a great deal about how a revised application, if I was the software architect, could greatly expanded and hugely increase the usefulness of the user interface to broadly expand the spectrum of backgrounds to increase the user satisfaction and increase sales.

I believe he is referring to these icons. If not, I am. :slight_smile:

They are very difficult to see on a light background. Maybe inverted colors?


Can’t find an emoji of “credibility being birthed”… use your imagination. :clap:

Now everything makes sense.

I seriously doubt the 2021 3.0 app will surface. Wish the best of luck to you and Wyze but your track record is one of a lot of talk & very little results. Playing around with the Wyze products has been a mix of fun and frustration, but I have gotten bored with it all. I am replacing my dying Wyze products with other brands.

Wyze will always have the “What do you expect for $20” followers that take any negative comment as a personal insult.

We joined around the same time, around a year and a half ago. What’s your total stable of Wyze devices in that time?

I started with three cameras and tested them intensively for a few months. When Wyze told me they weren’t security cams, they were for “keeping an eye on things,” I took them at their word and lowered my expectations. That has served me well.

Here’s an esteemed boomer’s take on their current stance:

They have improved the app slowly, steadily over the last year, and since I have nothing crucial committed to them, that pace has been acceptable. If you’re a lover of history, search the forum for “intuitive” and see what pops up. :wink:


Fonts don’t need to be heavy (bold).
The fonts within each tab should be consistant, Home, Events and Account. I don’t use the other two but I suppose they should be consistant also. :slight_smile:

Here you go.

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@masterep, your posts are a chore to dig through.

I was talking to all the non-Wyze related banter which clogs my mailbox.

That is not the purpose of this forum, period.

30 messages back and forth that do nothing to help Wyze “understand their users” is just an annoyance.

Marketing 101? “Deliver your message in the most effective manner.”


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To be fair…

I don’t know what else they can do. They’re owning it (the faults of the current app) and pledging to improve it as rapidly as possible. @AustinByr and his team of designers are, I think, part of what @Frederik promised six months ago.

So that’s follow-through.

As a company, they will project their business path as they see fit to achieve profit, growth and development. They will pivot to address unexpected challenges as nimbly as they can.

Here are two things that improved substantially app-wise in my time here, probably the two that most affected my use of the software and cameras:

  • Indexing of the 12-sec Event to the corresponding SD card Playback Event (or position in Continuous Record) effecting one-tap direct access to expanded video content for study.
  • Adapting the app (by hook or crook) to retain Hardware Acceleration capability so that older and/or less-robust phones were not excluded from the app upgrade path.

So there’s that. Much appreciated. :clap:

And for perspective, here’s the Wishlist/Roadmap/Launched features list:

Looks like they’ve been hard at it, but you can decide for yourself. I’m not in the software biz. :slight_smile:


Nicely thought out, and well presented!

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Your post showed up in my mailbox.

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Got it. Will get it fixed. Thanks Robert!

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party pooper

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People like consistency and it’s doubly important in a new product

Dang it! I thought I got rid of her years ago!!! Oh well if Dementia wants to take another stab at… oh look colors! Ah what were we talking about?

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It’s a forum, a place to freely express thoughts and ideas. If you find that it’s more than you can handle, feel free to unsubscribe

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Now don’t be cranky.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not… I don’t think I am, might be though… I can’t remember

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