Wyze Sprinkler Controller - Smart weather-based watering with 8 control zones

Completed and submitted as well, definitely interested in how this is set up and how I can integrate it into my irrigation system. Any details you would be willing to share?

Dang, I REALLY wish I qualified (I don’t already have an existing controller).

Since last fall I have been considering buying an Orbit B-Hyve to use for our 2 gardens so we can just control everything on timers or from our phones, etc. instead of always manually turning things on and off all the time. Now I kind of wish I’d already done it so I would “qualify” for this.

Stupid conscience/personal integrity won’t let me just pretend and apply anyway. :slight_smile:
I’m also assuming you want people who can give you good comparisons to the competitors though.

If you eventually decide to expand testing to include a few people who don’t already have a smart controller (such as a control group of those without prior bias/experience), let me know.

Do you already have an irrigation system installed? You do not need to have a smart controller, but our product will only work if you have an actual irrigation system. You cannot attach it to a hose directly.

How will it integrate with an existing system? Just curious if I can integrate it into my custom built system…

Ah, I see, really good clarification to know.

I do indeed have a full irrigation system, but a bunch of the piping underground needs replaced before using it again. We’ve been using a system of hoses for everything lately, so I’d hoped to do it through hoses like some of the Orbit options allow for.

I guess I’m still out for now then, at least until we get some of the pipes in our current system fixed up. Thanks for the reply and clarification. Great info to prepare for the future then!

For the Alpha testing, do you have a proposed date of start?

I did submit my application for tester already, but I recently moved into a house that had an existing unit, have no idea how to use it yet (I was honest in application!) and I haven’t turned it on yet. I am extremely tech savvy though.

It is getting hot in these parts, so was going to turn it on, but wanted to make it into a learning experience with this device if possible!

Rainbird ESP12LX

Thanks again for incredible products!

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I live in Arizona and have an irrigation system with two controllers each with several zones for different areas. One faces east and one west, both in direct sunlight for their portion of the day. With summer afternoon temps reaching into the 120’s sometimes (in the shade), would your controllers be able to withstand the heat? Thanks.

This is a total yes for me! Living in Florida we have to practically run our sprinkler system everyday, and with my controller being in the garage behind a bunch of junk it’s really difficult to get too. Already filled the application for tests. Can’t wait to see this!

Filled out the application. Hope I can support the further development of this product. I love Wyze products. Can’t wait to get my outdoor camera I ordered!!!

I know this is for in ground irrigation but please consider a hose hook up system with four ports. The market is lacking in this area. Majority of my neighbors have above ground sprinkers and as gardeners being able to move a sprinkler to certain areas is more efficient.

I do not currently have a irrigation system today but have considered it heavily due to constantly watering garden. Would love to do a new install from the perspective of someone completely new to the game.

Hey there, I just submitted the form for alpha testing. I hope I’m not too late. I have a non wifi Rainbird unit that I’ve been looking to turn smart for a while and I know you guys can knock this out of the park easily. I am very interested in participating.

Just submitted the form as well. Pick me pick me! I provide video feedback for Wyzecam all the time. Will do the same for sprinkler : )

I currently have a RainMachine smart controller but would definitely be interested! If a controller were to come out, a video or instructions on how to replace sprinkler controllers would be a very nice addition. I did it myself (replacing an old Rainbird) and it was a very easy DIY task!

My controller is in the garage.

Also added my name to the alpha list. Been using a Rain Bird controller for 10 years, and have been waiting for a better smart controller option. Way to go Wyze. I am looking forward to it!

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Mine is inside

B-Hive so mine is outdoors.

A. Vaughn Poller

Actually, we also would like to install an outdoor controller; can I vote “both”? :kissing_heart:

I’d love to have a Wyze Water Control System! I could control the outside faucets with a Wyze enabled faucet adapter and turn on/off sprinklers, driplines, set timers, etc from my phone