Wyze Sprinkler Controller - Smart weather-based watering with 8 control zones

How about a DIY solution using Wyze plug.

Wyze plug to a 120v AC relay
120v AC relay to Motorized Ball Valve



That would work well for the people using a garden hose. I think the heart of the controller at hand here is a zoned in ground system.

I see this is “in-development”, I’m looking forward to another great wyze product!

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The existing smart systems can do much more than simple on/off too. For example, they can adjust or cancel watering based on predicted or actual rainfall. They can adjust water amount seasonally. They can do fixed cycles every X days, or odd/even days.


I always tell people my smart irrigation system is one of my favorite devices I know because I don’t have to worry about my yard with it. I live in Utah which can have a really warm summer and it is a desert so my grass needs lots of water. Love to help Wyze on this product as I think it would be another awesome smart home item for you guys. I did a lot of time looking into the two big systems out there. I decided on Orbit and the outdoor version bit only because it had the controls so I could still run it manually even though it is in my garage. There are tons of features I’d love to share with you that would be awesome.


I currently moved into a house with a an old/non connected WIFI Rainbird with 12 zones currently connected. Have not turned it on for the season, but will report back on what I wish the Wyze one can do.

Also willing to Alpha the new one as well and report back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Anyone out there think its possible to do away with the controller completely and just have smart solenoids? Simply replace the solenoid part of you existing sprinkler valves and control it all from app.

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No running wires!

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You’d have to make them battery powered somehow. You could create a solar panel lid for the sprinkler valve box.

That would require way more work and zero benefit over just replacing the single control unit. I replaced my dumb controller a year ago with a cheap smart one and it took me less than 10 mins to do. Replacing the 12 solenoids would suck.


He said possible, not practical. Lol

He also said “simply replace the solenoid” :rofl: if it was one or two, sure but not in the real world :joy:

I really want one that’s at least four port, and the important part is that it has to last more than a year. I’m buying Melnor timers that die so quickly. Would love a Wyze water timer.

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I have an Indoor system (garage) with 12 zones.

image This simple programmable hose controller with Wyze wifi interface. This is all I really need. I’ve got a relatively small yard and I just want to be able to have the water come on and go off. The ability to schedule when, and to postpone due to weather would be a plus. I think adding smarts to an item like the one picture should lead to a device retailing for under $50US. I’m considering rigging this with a Raspberri Pi Zero W and calling it a day.


Hi all! I am starting to look for alpha testers. If you have an existing irrigation system and would like to help us test please complete this survey: https://airtable.com/shrmQtgFCBFy5qRdc


Filled it out. Love that Wyze is working on this. I always tell people one of my favorite smart devices is my smart sprinkler because living in Utah I need it and with it I don’t have to ever worry about my lawn. Can’t wait to help Wyze make one that is even better than my Orbit. Let me know how I can help.


Filled out and submitted! Looking forward to seeing how Wyze can compete/improve my existing smart controller.