Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

Yeah, that setup is pretty safe with natural gas, and keeping it outside is best. In our neighborhood, we did have a rash of pipe fitting problems that resulted in large underground natural gas leaks, but that is not something that the average space needs sensors for. I had mentioned placement of the sensor so the other gentleman could understand why there is not a combination sensor made. Smoke has to be detected at ceiling level upstairs, and propane at the floor in the basement. As a P. E. (now retired) designing control systems, I put in a lot of gas detection stuff, too, in Class 1, Div 1&2 facilities, as well as places that dealt with combustion products, such as truck maintenance facilities, and of course, thousands of CO2 and VOC sensors installed in occupied spaces for air quality purposes.

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Got a reply from X-Sense about the App vs Online Account:

Dear customer, In order to protect customer privacy, APP accounts and official website accounts are not shared. The APP does not have a computer version but a mobile version, so you can only view it on your mobile phone.

Just got set up with the base, listener, and a smoke detector. Paid my $50 and got the certificate. Insurance agent is working on adding the discount to my plan. It looks like I could have gotten the certificate with just the listener. Not worried about having one extra smoke detector in the house, no one ever said “They just had to many smoke detectors”.

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Great! I got my certificate too. Emailed both my HMS Monitoring Certificate w\ Burglary, Freeze, & Leak and the new X-Sense certificate w\ Fire, Smoke & CO to Noonlight and had them combine it all onto one certificate. Emailed that off to my Insurance Agent. Just waiting for the updated discount.

My Wyze certificate shows Burglary monitoring only even though I have leak and temperature sensors as well. Maybe my setup has something wrong?

It isn’t a setup issue. The default produced certificate for the HMS does not Auto Generate those. You have to email Noonlight with your proof of installed and monitored Climate and Leak sensors to get the updated Certificate with the Freeze\Water monitoring. Go to the Monitoring Tab > Home Monitoring Settings > Monitoring Certificate, and click the “Learn More” at the bottom of the page:

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I thought with what was already there I would get it on the monitoring certificate. That wasn’t clear and extremely disappointed.

Just got a refund from my insurance company for the new discount. Renewal isn’t for 6 months and got $60 back. :slight_smile:

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I wish Wyze would make a smart smoke detector similar to the nest on that would integrate with the app.

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I’d also like a smoke detector.

I’d prefer an all-in-one device that detects:

  • CO2
  • CO
  • PM2.5
  • PM10
  • PM1
  • AQI
  • TVOC
  • RH
  • TEMP
  • Humidity
  • HCHO

And integrates with Wyze HMS and Google, Alexa, and Home Assistant.

To clarify, there are LOTS of devices on Amazon now that will detect all of those things, which means there are definitely options for an ODM partner who can do this for Wyze with very little R&D, but selling this at Wyze prices and integrated in their ecosystem and maybe others would make it a no-brainer. Wyze would seriously probably sell out of these within a few seconds every single time they came in stock.

But I’ll settle for just a smoke detector…


Yes one that also announces “Fire” and maybe with Gas Leak detection as well.

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Well, there is an AMA this week, and I asked about this. I’m not sure if they will answer it since the responses are mostly coming from the Product Manager of the V4, and not the HMS, etc, but it does say we can ask “ANYTHING” so I’m asking anyway. If anyone else wants to improve the chances on them answering something about this, feel free to go here and vote on this question:


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I also want to voice my feedback that I need a Wyze smoke and CO detector. Hoping this can be made available soon.