Wyze Sentry

I’d like to see a Car kit from Wyze that sets up 4 (or more) cams that can be installed around a car of any type (front sides and rear or maybe one on top with 4 views)) that can be used like Tesla’s sentry mode this could be controlled by a SBC (Pin 64 or Raspberry PI) placed under the hood and run off the battery

Cool idea, and I don’t even know what Sentry Mode is. But I can guess. Car cams / dash cams / sports cams are a natural extension of Wyze’s strengths, which is why they won’t go near them. They’ll sell space heaters instead. Anyway, voted.

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It would be cool to have a wyze camera that would watch over my car when I’m away from it and send me alerts if someone is breaking in or messing with my car. Something similar to what Tesla has done with sentry mode in their cars. And when driving the camera could act as a dash cam.