WYZE Sensor Mounting - Ceiling

Is it possible to mount a Wyze Sensor on the ceiling?

I have a foyer in a commercial building which I would to monitor. I am unable to use the door sensors due to the mounting restrictions.

Thanks for your assistance!

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Yes. I’ve done it. It works quite successfully. I have it paired to two Wyze lightbulbs. But come on From 5:30 PM until 6:30 AM. And then from 6:31 AM until 5:29 PM I get an audible alert through Alexa that says Maizy once in telling me that my dog wants to come in the house. Sorry for the end I tried to show how high it was off the floor and the video kind a looks bad

Sure. The sensor has a 120 degree cone of view that is biased towards downward. See the Wyze logo on the sensor to see what the downward direction is.

Mount it on walls or ceilings or bottom sides of bannisters. Your imagination is the limit.

The motion sensors are fairly sensitive, some say too sensitive. So if there is any stray activity including rays of sunlight in that area it could falsely trip the sensor. Keep that in mind.

I’ve had no problem with the sun affecting the motion sensor on my porch but I did have to delete it for a couple days when it was snowing really hard because it was in constant motion. It would never clear because of the snow.

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How did you mount it? That is what did you use to mount it?

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You can use just the sticky stuff that’s on it. But it’s hard to move it if you don’t like the current location and it tears the foam. So I use this stuff. I just put a little in the middle of the motion sensor back and I’ve used it in three locations so far and it has held everywhere. And it allows you to pull it down and move it and re-mount it. Sticks really well it’s been outside for a month.

I agree with @paindonthurt

use that or use 3M command strips. those strips are loved for mounting our sensors around here.

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