Wyze Sensor Disconnect

I am new to Wyze - just installed Wyze Cam V2 and sensors. I searched the forum but the only pattern I see on this topic is there are multiple reported issues with multiple suggestions for resolution.

The problem I am having is the motion sensor and contact sensors seem to disconnect from the Wyze Cam v2 bridge. The motion sensor seems to stay connected for longer (but less then 24 hours) while the contact sensors seem to disconnect after 2-4 hours. WiFi signal is strong all locations so it does not appear to be WiFi related.

The solution being provided on the forum is a daily re-boot or in some cases people are suggesting re-boot every 12 hours. Any suggestions to address for improved reliability. I don’t see an official response from Wyze on this topic. A monitoring system that is not reliable is of minimal value.


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Two things I have done to improve my system.

I changed the V2 Camera Power Supply that had the Sensor bridge to a 3 Amp rated USB PS.

Secondly I connected the plug in sensor bridge to the camera using a 7 Inch USB Cable.
I have a hunch that the bridge plugged directly into the camera causes a heat build up.


Thank you for the input.

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On the Wyze help site they state “If the status light is a solid yellow,** test a different power source with the camera. This can either be an alternate power adapter and cable (needs to be rated for a minimum of 5V 2A) or plugging the camera directly into a computer’s USB port.”

I switched to a 5V 2A USB power supply and it it appears to have connected. Hopefully it will still be connected in 24 hours. The USB power supply WYZE supplies does not meet their recommendation as it is only 100mA (significantly less than the 2A specified by the Wyze help information).

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