Wyze sense V1 - Design flaws

Exactly! And Wyze support chat just isn’t knowledgeable enough to troubleshoot something this technical and they won’t escalate, they just stick to the script and tell me they are sorry and all that but there is nothing they can do.

My field strength analyzer even shows the expected RF frequencies and activity I would expect to see based on the documentation I have been able to find.

The only thing I can think of is that whatever is supposed to happen on the back end when a sensor is added is hitting a road block but support just won’t work with me on this. They just want all their customers to go away I guess if they have a problem they don’t feel like dealing with. Asking for escalation if just like throwing peas against a brick wall.

I even wrote a physical letter to the CEO, and sent it registered mail so I know it was received. I am sure it was trashed without reading because Wyze is just a [Mod Edit] company to deal with.

Wrote a letter to the FTC as well, but I am sure they aren’t going to do anything unless a lot more people complain.

I bought Wyze stuff fully expecting hobbyist level home automation but they can’t even achieve that - this is just garbage from soup to nuts.

Every time I see this garbage being sold in places like Home Depot and such it just angers me further. I have to hold my nose to walk by the displays.

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