Wyze Sense - notification settings when shared?

Potentially a really dumb question. It’s been a while since I’ve messed around with any of my cams or sensors.

I have a Wyze account with many different devices that are shared from other wyze accounts. In the past, I had set the app to not notify me of any activity from my motion sensors. I’ve just added a new sensor and shared it with my main account. However, when going into the settings, I have no notification options. “Notifications” WAS one of the options in addition to schedules/automations and device info, right??

I’m getting bombarded by irrelevant motion notifications. Am I missing something obvious here, or did the setting disappear in a recent update?

I created a new shortcut rule and added the “notifications off” option for that specific device. It worked. So the ability to turn the notifications off is still there, but the option seems to have disappeared from the device setting menu.