Wyze Sense Not Triggering Routines

I have over 20 sensors (Contact and Motion) and recently have had to restart my camera with the bridge about every week to keep things working correctly, Two weeks ago none of my sensors were triggering a routine in Alexa. I did all the basic troubleshooting and nothing worked. I flashed the firmware of one of my 8 cameras to an older version and that seemed to do the trick, routines were being triggered and life was good.
This past week none of my routines were working again. I took it one step further and deleted all the sensors… Changed the Camera and Bridge that all the sensors were attached to… And readded everything… Deleted all my routines and basically set everything up again… But I still cannot get any sense sensor to trigger any routine.
I am frustrated and dont know what else to try… These products were great and I have backed pretty much every product Wyze has released, But these sensors and troubleshooting has been tiresome and time consuming. I just want these products to work like they should.