Wyze sense motion sensor settings

I noticed that there are a lot more customization settings (event and detection) for my wyze sense motion sensor on my Android 9 phone versus my Android 8 phone. Android 9 phone has the older wyze app v2.2.38, but the motion sensor says plugin v 1.1.7. My Android 8 phone has the latest wyze app v2.3.16, but the motion sensor says plugin

Why do I have an older motion sensor plugin version on the phone with the latest wyze app? Can I get the latest plugin on the Android 8 phone? I don’t see the I the customization options are available on Android 9 but not Android 8.

Another weird thing is that my event video settings only show 3 cameras online on my Android 9 but It shows all 7 cameras on my Android 8 phone.

I guess no one has noticed this difference? What plugin version are we supposed to have on the motion sensor and how do I update it on my Android 8 phone?

I’ll ping someone on this now.

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