Changes Sensor Page in Android App are NOT good

I just updated the Android app and new the sensor page is awful.

What’s wrong with a simple dated list of events, ordered newest to oldest

if you want to get fancy, just indicate which ones have been looked at, but that’s not really necessary.

I really hate anywhere in the app where I can’t see more than one day at a time, having to pick a day and look at the events, or side scroll through a list of them is not helping.

The new app isn’t working on my Android. Events are showing.

I agree. The new display is terrible! I have doors and motion sensors that don’t activate for weeks or months at a time. How can I see the last time they activated now. Please change the sense screens back to how they were before, of if change is insisted upon, how about improving functionality rather than making it worse.

I assume they are trying to make wyze sense a worse experience for those of us who like them so we’ll switch to the new ones. Between things like this and the complete failure on wyze thermostat, I can not recommend Wyze anymore.