New app is AWFUL

The new screens/layout in the new app id absolutely awful. Whoever thought this out really needs to find a job working on the backend instead of UI. Instead of clicking on the sensor and seeing the activity for the whole day on one screen. I see its current state with 1 event listed at the bottom. I then have to scroll-scroll-scroll to “see all”. AND, after clicking it, it doesn’t ‘actually’ show all, it just shows one day.

And, it goes from a white background to a black background. WHY? I am thinking while using this “GOOD GOD WHY?” And no answer comes to me. Could you PLEASE leave an option for the previous format/screens?



Used to have the capability in beta to easily revert. There might be a wishlist item for it.

What OS are you using with the beta app?
I know you can revert back on IOS with TestFlight.

Looks like you can scroll the bottom bar all the way to the right and then you will have an option to see all events. Images below shows this. It would be nice to have a link or button on the screen to see all of the events:

I agree ! . Sensor screens are awful!
a pale red screen for when the Sensor is open and a black screen when it is closed . Sensor history now requires you to scroll at the bottom right and left to view history .
These screens are awful. I like to all this info one one screen . Sensor status (Open /Closed) and sensor history at the bottom like the lock screen below . I hope they don’t change the lock screen to this .
New sensor open screen - what a waste of screen space.

New Sensor closed screen . - waste of screen space

Current Lock Screen - Nice , Status and recent history all on one screen .


Also - when you complain about a piece of software PLEASE put the version and if you can spare the time, the OS in.
I see this is on iphone-ipad but with the rate Wyze cranks out versions “New” does not apply for long.

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Full agreement. I gave similar feedback while this feature was still in beta. Horrible UI/UX. This reduces functionality.

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Generally speaking, I agree with what you are saying. However, in this particular case, we are not talking about a tweak. We are blasting a wholesale re-imagination of the UI by someone that seems to have day-mares.