Wyze Cam v2 No Motion Detection past FW v4.9.6.199

Motion detection does not work on Wyze Cam v2 on any FW past v4.9.6.199. Last year I updated to v4.9.6.218 when prompted and motion detection was not working at all so I reverted back to the older version and left it alone. I made the mistake of updating 2 weeks ago to the latest one v4.9.7.1068 and motion detection is still not working. I also can’t revert back to v4.9.6.199 so I’m stuck with a camera that doesn’t do what I want.

I can set the detection sensitivity to 100% with the entire detection zone selected and wave my hands in front of the camera. Nothing. No notifications at all.

motion detection is working on my V2 w/ beta FW4.9.7.675
and another w/ Beta FW

Welcome to the community @bigraims . I am a community member like and try to provide assistance.

I am using both Android and iOS for testing. My Android is my daily driver.

Here are the version numbers of what I am using without issue
Android App Version: 2.24.51
iOS app version: 2.24.52
v2 Camera fw:

First thing to check is to make sure you are setup for motion. Start the v2 Live Stream, click on the Gear in the top right. below are the settings I have:

Detection Settings Page

Events page, you need to have Detects motion on

If you have CamPlus, click on it in the previoud screen. The select what you want to be notified of.

For notifications, make sure you turn on Notifications and Wyze AI Events if you have CamPlus and/or All other motion

For Notifications, make sure the bell does not have zzz through it

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