Any update on CamPan & Camv2 Motion detection issue since wyze sense features enabled?

SInce wyze sense features were integrated to campan [FW:] and camv2 [FW:V4.9.4.37]
an issue was acknowledged by wyze support that these versions break the continuous motion detection. one example of discussion
And further upgrades through the wyze app didnt fix the issue. The only way to get back motion detection was to downgrade with previous versions of both manually.

This is what i did , and since then never updated FWs.

I just need to know, was this bug actually been solved, and if further upgrades through app work as expected, i,e with motion detection working as expected?

I just need to test latest features of person detection, but im wary of the update ruining even the basic motion detection.


I’ve the most recent FW for the V2 and motion detection works.

Hi @gemniii , by recent do you mean the stable ones or betas?

According to WyzeTao