Wyze Sense Laser Tripwire

Putting a photoresistor across the reed switch contacts turns the wyze sense into an online light sensitive switch.

using a laser pointer as a light source allows you to set up a tripwire. the photoresistor needs to be enclosed in a tube to shield it from other light (in the photo it is exposed) .

add some mirrors to reduce gaps in coverage


Cool! I assume this requires some soldering, etc, right? I wish I knew more about this kind of stuff. I’m guessing you’d probably want to hardwire the laser, too, right?

I’d really love to figure out a reliable driveway alert sensor of some sort. PIR tends to have too many false positives. Laser would be more reliable, I think, but would probably require a power source. (Not to mention that it would need to be weatherproof)

yes you would need a power source.i am using one of those little keychain laser pointers, laser batterylife limits this for use as a partygame for me.

also outdoors you might have the issue of moths attracted to the laser giving false alarms.
maybe there is a type of laser which bugs can’t see?

Fair point. For that matter, rain might do some crazy things, too.

A physical pressure wire might work, and seems like something that would be doable with battery power. I could probably disguise it in a groove in the concrete, but I don’t know if that’s even a thing.

You are on track for a new sensor - Awesome!

BTW Most insects do not see light around the 650 nm (yellow) range there are retail lights called “Bug lights” that are yellow that people can see but bugs can’t.

My only suggestion, if you care to know, if not, oh well. Is to reduce the potential for false alarms by have two parallel beams of light with two different receivers far enough apart bugs and small rodents wouldn’t activate it and acting as one sensor. So one device to setup in the Wyze app.

If you really want to up-the-game, Super-Super-Super Geek style, so the sensor can not be fooled easily with another laser. Is lasers can transmit sound waves and the same type of receiver can understand the signal, You need to figure out the details, but it seem easy enough.

For reference here is something I taught kids over almost twenty years ago to make in a few minutes at school science fair. 9 Ways to Transmit Audio With a Laser Pen - wikiHow

Have Fun!

Seems like there should be something already on-the-shelf that you can implement. My garage door has a tripwire, but not IR.

Oh, true. That’s really common in garage door openers. I assume those must be invisible laser-based, right?

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Yes, until particles like dust is enters the pathway of the light beam refracting and reflecting it into someone’s eye allowing it to be seen.

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Did you continue with a power supply for this tripwire if so which one and why did you need to hack for an cheapy outdoor sensor?