Wyze Sense Keypad - Current lights behind Home, Disarmed, and Away Always On

Can the device keep the light on all the time on the security active setting? In other words, if I click on the Home button I want the button to stay on all the time in order for me to know that this is the setting that I selected. There has been instances were we thought the alarm was set but upon seeing the keypad it does not show me the current setting.

Please advise if there is a setting that I am missing or if anyone figure out how to enable the status to be on at all times.

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If I understand your question, you want the Keypad lights to remain on when the device is armed. This will provide a visual that it has been set.

after looking at my system and checking options, I don’t believe there is a way to do this. I also looked to see if a Rule could be setup to turn on a bulb and set it the intensity, but no luck either. Currently, I believe the only spot is in the app as that changes color and lets you know if it is armed or not.

You could create this as a Wish List item for a future release. If you create this as a Wish List, make sure you also vote for it as well. Creating does not automatically add a vote for it.

If there is a way, I am sure others will post it here as well.


I second this. Once I realized the status lights didn’t stay on ALL THE TIME, I stopped setting up the whole system. We have too many people in the house and if there isn’t an obvious way to tell if the system is armed, there will be false alarms all the time. This is a MUST HAVE or I will be tossing this whole system in the trash.


I second @cambur . Useless without a status light. Also today I noticed that Wyze Sense said offline no notification or STATUS LIGHT to alert me to such an issue… so I went to my control center (closet) unplugged then plugged in again. “Ready to connect” “Ready to connect” WTF how and why? We don’t use Wyze as our primary source of security because Wyze is not reliable or forward thinking. I’m in my 50’s and not once did real security companies like ADT, Time Warner etc… have issues and outages and still don’t because they don’t launch SAS services without thorough testing. You know why? Because they WOULDN’T find an insurance company willing to accept the risk *more than once" when customer or customers insurance company sues them for negligence after being robbed, assaulted, burglarized or murdered. My crystal ball says that that’s very likely and I bet you the company that you’re using noon drops you with all these issues. And let’s not forget Wyze is a d-rated company with the better Business bureau. I hope other wyze customers are not using this product as the primary source to protect their home property and their persons.


I also agree this is a must have feature. I spent an hour messing around with the keypad and realized there is a proximity sensor built into the face of the keypad and here is how it currently works based on my testing. If you walk past the key pad or place your hand in front, the keypad will display the current status, Disarmed, Home, or Away and will illuminate for 5 seconds and then turns off. You must move away from the keypad for a minimum of 1 minute and then approach again and it will illuminate for another 5 seconds. If the keypad detects your presence before the one minute is up, it will reset the internal timer. This is really dumb in my opinion. If they are doing this to preserve battery life, their are several options to rectify.

  1. Flash the current status for a 1/4 second every 2 seconds
  2. Display the current status for 5 seconds if the X key or √ key is pressed.
  3. Disable the 1 minute timer and display the status whenever presence is detected in front of the keypad
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Can anyone know this answer…we have 6 properties and want to install 6 home monitoring system, will it work?? Thanks

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KAE4560, don’t waste your time. The product is absolutely worthless due to some critical design flaws. The company Wyze has focussed 100% on low price and volume and doesn’t care about support, or listening to real feedback and doesn’t use high quality components. Almost evewy product I have ever bought from them (almost all of them) has eventually failed. You will hate it and regret your purchase. Don’t let the low price suck you in. You really do get what you pay for.

Well thanks,so can you tell me what you have found…we currently have 6 sites and we use the V3 with spotlight at the gates,and V2,PTZ,V3 useing these indoors,we have replacing the V2,PTZ with the new models and we donated the old cams to the church.