Sense Keypad lighting up upon motion?

The Sense Keypad lights up briefly whenever I move in its proximity, yet it is not listed as having a motion sensor. What sending technology does it use and for what purpose?

To be more specific, the key that lights up is the one corresponding to the current mode: either disarmed, home or away. It doesn’t light up with every motion but only if you haven’t moved for the last minute.

Welcome boyanib. :+1: The keypad incorporates a PIR sensor. Its purpose is to activate the backlit status button upon sensing a person. This allows a person to verify status and/or change mode (arm/disarm) easily in dim lighting conditions.


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here is what the site says.


It is physically located below the “Home” button, and resets after about a minute of no activity.


PIR, i see. Thank you all!

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Does the LED backlit key pads lit up temporarily or just the status key (Disarmed, Home, Away)?