Home Monitoring Keypad - Ideas for better visualization of system status/mode

Just installed the Home Monitoring System and I think it would be useful if when disarmed/home/away, the keypad lit up to tell you what your status was.

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Doesn’t the status light up the key under disarmed/home/away to indicate status? There is an IR sensor in the keypad and one of those should light up as your approach. :woman_shrugging:


Thank you for clarifying that. I hadn’t noticed that’s what was happening. Now that you’ve pointed that out, I’ve been paying attention and it would appear to me that the buttons lighting up don’t stay on long enough. If I’m not looking at it right when I approach, often times it will light up and I miss it and it doesn’t come back on.


The sensor does not always sense movement. It’s so so. How it is for my 3 keypads. The status should always be lit up.

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The sensor extinguishes when no one is watching to preserve battery life. Agree the PIR is not sensitive enough.

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I’d like to be able to glance at my Hub OR my keypad and have a visual cue as to whether or not my alarm is ON before opening a door. I sometimes go outside to take out the trash OR retrieve the mail and don’t have my phone on me. As it now stands, I have to get my phone and look at my app OR simply open the door and see if it starts screaming.


Like @dr.know said above

It’s supposed to light up with the status but I agree sometimes it’s not as sensitive. I’m not sure how they would be able to make the hub show the status with the current hardware though.


Status on keypad lights for a few seconds when you pass you hand near it or when approaching the pad. After that it sleeps for a minute or two.
Better if pressing any key would display the status.

Like @PastorPaul’s idea of using the Hub as an indicator. :slightly_smiling_face:


Need Option To Show Armed Status Lights (Home/Away) When A Key Is Pressed On The HMS Keypad As The Keys Already Light Up Anytime A Key Is Pressed. If Not Show Armed Status When Any Key Is Pressed, At Least Show The Armed Status When A Particular Key Is Pressed (ie: The X [:x:] Or Checkmark [:heavy_check_mark:] Key).


Since the hub is plugged in all the time, battery life isn’t an issue.


I agree with having the hub show the armed status also, however, my hub is not visible so having the keypad continuously show the status or show the status when a particular key is pressed would be another great solution. This may be a relatively easy process with some simple coding/software update.


Hub has 3 lights on it. What are those for?

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The HMS Keypad Mode Indicator lights are supposed to show you what mode the system is currently in. i.e Disarmed, Home, or Armed. There is a sensor that sometimes works and most of the time does not (of course, only when I need to check the status before I open a door!).
Currently the # key is not being used (at least that I can tell). Why not add a simple feature that when I push the # (or even the checkmark) key, the indicator comes on to display the Mode status for say 5 seconds. The keypad already lights up, so why not have the keypad query the system to determine the status and display it. Simple fix to the problem!


Would like for a light or something on base to show when alarm is armed. Kids liked having a visual representation to know alarm is on rather than trying to remember if they armed alarm. Keypad doesn’t always light up to show you a visual of what mode you are in.


My kids don’t have the app and the hub is in another room. They don’t know when the system is armed so they’re often setting off the alarm when opening some of the doors that don’t have a keypad.


This option can be accomplished several ways but at least one of these should be an option:

  1. Provide a separate Status Indicator Light that can be place anywhere (upstairs, by doors without keypads, etc). Not every household member (ie kids) have an app. And they should be able to tell at a glance whether the alarm is active or not (even from across the room). We had one in our bedroom so we could glance and know if the alarm was active before going to bed without having to get out our phone and check the app. We switched from Abode and they have a simple light that we could mount that would accomplish this: System Status Indicator | abode

  2. The “auto detect” / keypress method of the keypad isn’t consistently accurate enough and results in a delay or forces a keypress before the status is shown. There should be an option for the keypad light to be “always on.” I would gladly trade shorter battery life on keypads for the ability to glance at the keypad and immediately know whether it’s armed or not without having to wait several seconds before opening the door.

Either or both of these things should definitely be available.


Please add a feature to display the current status of the home security system on the keypad. The only way it works now is when the proximity sensor detects presence in front of the keypad and the appropriate key illuminates for 5 seconds then turns off. It will not illuminate again unless the proximity sensor doesn’t detect presence for 1 minute. Please add one of the following features:

  1. Flash the current status for a 1/4 second every 2 seconds

  2. Display the current status for 5 seconds if the X key or √ key is pressed.

  3. Disable the 1 minute timer and display the status whenever presence is detected in front of the keypad


I fully agree.

I think option #2 would be the best option if power consumption was a concern.

I’m not sure if this works for everybody, but the way I’m avoiding having the proximity go off all the time (say when somebody was walking by) and having the keypad enter the 1 minute “timeout”, is to put the keypad on the inside of a closet door. So that the door has to be opened for the keypad to be used (and the proximity sensor to go off).


Wyze Home Monitoring Keypad

I would really like to see the Wyze Keypad plugged into a transformer (like most everything else) and use the battery portion for power outages. Another professional change would be to have two LEDs, one green for disarmed and one red indicating that the alarm is armed. Also needed is keypad that is backlit. Anything would be better than the ten second backlight in present keypads


In the meantime, I would really like a way to tell - at the keypad - if the system is armed or unarmed. It will light up when you walk near it. But if you walk near it and don’t happen to be paying attention, I know of no way to cause it to display its status short of walking away for a few minutes and walking back, or opening a door and getting the rude warning. Seems like an oversight.