Wyze Sense Hub, Wyze Bulb Color, and Wyze Light Strip Firmware Released - 10/18/21

These should make a lot of people happy. :slight_smile:


Been running these updates as a beta tester. They are great updates. Glad you all mentioned the minor bug with the HMS Volume. Being transparent is always a good thing. :+1: :+1:


I’m one of those Happy People! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Me too. :grinning:


Thanks for the feedback! We had a feeling we’d raise eyebrows if we were like, “We fixed the hub volume!” and then people found that bug. :sweat_smile:


Glad to see steps being taken to get it fixed. Sounds a little better, but I’ve got to say, personally I still think there’s work to be done. Low is completely inaudible, and the highest volume is what I would consider Mid. Definitely would not startle a burglar the way it would have when it was first launched (or the way my Wyze Doorbell Chime would at full volume, haha). Speaking of which, the volume setup for the Doorbell Chime (slider 1-8) would probably be more of a large scale people pleaser than the current HMS setup with the 3 levels only.

Additionally, would love to see you guys build a Known Issue Status page similar to what the WD MyCloud has established on their site. Again, I think it would please alot of the customers and avoid tons of people feeling unheard/unsatisfied with the customer service of the products they’ve purchased. We can all sit here and assume you guys know everything that is happening, which typically ends up in an angry customer base. Or you could initiate a live model of something the customers can check, and say, “Ah! Okay, so it’s not just me, something is ACTUALLY going on that Wyze is actively fixing.”. Again, in my opinion, Wyze’s connection with their customer base is both their biggest strength AND biggest weakness… We like feeling like even as you grow or struggle we’re all a part of this together as if the days of being a start-up haven’t changed… You guys deliver some amazing high-quality smart home device that kicks all the competitors asses from a pricing perspective, and we get pumped waiting for those e-mails announcing a new launch so we can jump on the pre-orders! But it quickly feels disconnected when we have to wait a month or even more than a year for solve updates in the case of the Wyze Lock/Google Assistant connectivity. We are definitely here for the ride, just try and keep us updated better in regards to the bumps along the way please!


Wyze Provides this page for Software and Firmware Known Bugs, needs to be updated some though:

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Yah, It’s the right idea, but definitely looks more like a post vs. a live status monitor. Hasn’t been updated since July 13th, 2021.

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agreed. I know they are working hard at getting back to their origins after the 18 months of Covid and still fighting with the Chip Shortage and Shipping. I have been a community member for many years and also signed up to be a beta Tester for both the App and Firmware, it is fun seeing what is coming. However, there are some issues at times, but I enjoy the challenges. I have also seen improvements over the years including seeing more Wyze Staff going through these forums and providing insight or support when needed.

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Whoops! Thanks for mentioning that. I’ll poke the teams.

Any word when they will ship the light strips? Ordered mine in July and it still hasn’t arrived.


16.4FT: 0% SHIPPED

32.8FT: 0% SHIPPED

Wyze Light Strip

Shipping for 16.4ft is estimated to begin by 10/22 .

Shipping for 32.8ft is estimated to begin in November .

Wyze Light Strip orders are now planned to start shipping by 10/22.

Orders for the shorter 16.4ft will be able to start being fulfilled first, while orders for the longer 32.8ft should start shipping a few weeks later in November.

Almost time to bring some color into your living space. You stoked?

16.4FT: 0% SHIPPED

32.8FT: 0% SHIPPED

Wyze Light Strip Pro

Shipping is estimated to begin in November .
Wyze Light Strip Pro orders are still planned to start shipping in November! Thanks so much for your patience

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While you’re poking the team can you add a jab for the Gen 1 bulb issues?

we need a color cycling feature for the bulbs before the holidays!


Yes!! Would love this!

Seems like after the last firmware update the V2 sensors will no longer trigger??
Ie. Motion sensor triggers Color Bulb to turn on, or clear sensor triggers plug to turn off…

What is your rules history showing occured for those when they should have triggered?

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Only the triggers from my original V1 sensor is showing in the rules’ history. No trigger history from V2 motion sensors for several days. I even deleted them from my app, re added, re did the rules… and still, nada.

So the bulb firmware is only for the color ones? And hence sun match only for color bulb? That would explain why I can’t use that feature in the original bulb. Oh well…