Wyze Sense Hub Offline Notifications - 12/19/22

Hi, Forum friends!

I have great news for you! We’re starting offline notifications for Wyze Sense Hub today. We’ve heard your feedback and we’re excited to give you this highly requested feature. :partying_face:

Here’s the public announcement:

Wyze Sense Hub Offline Notification

Our goal was to bring you the most economical monitoring service. We chose to leave out cellular backup to support that goal. While the system can still do its job locally by using the siren when there’s an alarm, we still want you to know right away if it’s disconnected.

Now when your Wyze Sense Hub is offline, our system will send you a push notification through the Wyze app to inform you of the offline status. You’ll be able to take action to restore the connection and keep your home well protected.


This is awesome! A great security feature and really helps the device offer peace of mind :slight_smile:
Now I hope you expand it to all other products :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. This will be a great addition.


Can you share details on how this will work?
Does offline mean no internet or can’t reach Wyze? Then how does a notification get pushed to our phones?
Thanks :+1:t2: :blush:

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All Wyze Push Notifications are Server Generated. When the Server can’t communicate w\ the Hub, it initiates a notification to the app. So this should work for both an ISP internet outage and a local WiFi drop if you have the Hub connected by WiFi.


@SlabSlayer is correct with how it works.


Love this! So happy Wyze did this!

Next step: allow this to be monitored by Noonlight in the HMS for one more insurance discount item added to the list (Communication Loss monitoring). :slight_smile:

But either way, it’s GREAT to have that notification sent to us at least.

I am guessing this really only works when there is a communication issue on our end (our ISP, or router or something has a problem), since if there is an AWS outage, then the notification can’t actually be sent out to us in those cases.


Thanks @SlabSlayer and @WyzeJasonJ :smiling_face:
This is great to confirm the direction of the notification and trigger and implies a heartbeat check interval for the Sense Hubs.
As @carverofchoice mentions if the server (AWS) has an outage so it can’t send notifications out this would fail to alert you but most likely there are more issues raising awareness of individuals.
But the next question is for all Wyze devices that phone home (and are not battery powered so we can remove the drain %) shouldn’t we be able to receive notification from Wyze AWS servers when any of our devices lose connectivity?
It would be GREAT to know that 1 of my cameras is down creating a gap in my home security or missing an important package delivery or my video doorbell is offline so someone at the front door will not be tracked and they won’t be able to Ring the bell, etc.
Now that the development is complete and moved to production GA it should be a much easier lift for this to be added across the other smart wired devices. :+1:


That is good news, but I still wouldn’t use a Wyze HMS for life and property protection :bangbang:

Maybe once Wyze gets certified for Alarm devices by UL like the “Real” security systems then they might be considered a real security system and not just a Toy.

This is a great step forward but they still have more work to do, like a built-in cellular communicator :thinking: and UL acceptance.

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This question was asked on Discord, and WyzeGwendolyn responded:

The cameras have that false offline issue that we’re working on. So we can’t have it there. But I’m hoping this will pave the way for other devices providing those notifications!

I know Wyze is working on that “false offline issue” (where the camera SAYS it’s offline when it really isn’t), and it sounds like Wyze won’t consider doing this for the cameras until they are confident this is definitely resolved. I know this gets a little tricky with some IoT devices since it’s fairly standard in the industry to have a ping sent out occasionally to determine connection status. For example, lots of IoT devices send a ping to Google, or some devices may send a ping to ThroughTek (TUTK) servers, etc. Part of the issue with that is that some block lists will actually block out TUTK or Google pings, and thus cause devices to sometimes think they are offline even when that is not true and they work in many other ways. It can get a little tricky from that. I guess we’ll see where that goes.

I am happy that Wyze is starting to make connectivity notifications available, and I hope we’ll soon get this as an option for more always-on devices. It sounds like Gwendolyn is hopeful that more devices will be able to do this in the future.

Something Wyze might be able to do, is program their routers to allow us to set notifications for any device connected to it, and simply let us know when any device we select in that list stops connecting for X amount of time. That would be a really cool feature. I don’t know how hard it would be to implement, but it seems like something that could be done. Of course, that would only work as long the router itself had internet still, so it might not be as good of a solution as straight from the Wyze server. anyway, hopefully we’ll get more options for this soon, but at least we have it for the Hub for now, and it’s really cool that it also works even for people who don’t use the HMS/Monitoring.


As @carverofchoice mentioned we are trying to fix the issue where the camera says it is offline but it isn’t, we need to get this fixed before we can move on to the cameras reporting that they are offline. I do view this as a step in the right direction though.


This is excellent news. Wyze is definitely making progress on new features. Now how about some news on the much requested siren.


Check it out y’all. I used MacroDroid to blow up my phone when my Hub Offline Push Notification comes in from Wyze. (Check your volume!)


I’m loving this notification!

I have xfinity as my ISP, so I deal with outages often and having this notification is helpful because it tells me that the internet is offline.

Since this has been released, I’ve gotten 3 offline notifications. Xfinity is dealing with a lot of outages lately… :confused:

Hoping to see this come out for all of the other devices :slight_smile:


You definitely want to make sure you are notified.


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I get three of these notifications every time the Internet goes down. Any thoughts?

Please make this an option like all the other notifications. Allow us to turn it on or off. It’s really sucks when the hub goes offline during the night. Or give us the option to filter when the notification happens.


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Great suggestion @dallagr. I agree. Like the rest of the Wyze devices, notifications toggles should be available for the Hub functions that notify. They should also be included as actions in the Rules so that we can schedule them or trigger them when needed.

Because this is a feature request, the best way to get it in line for development and implementation would be to submit it as a #wishlist request. I did a cursory search of the wishlist and couldn’t find a good match.

Your phone should have the ability to manage and mute app notifications while in sleep mode. However, if you want to be notified of some WyzeMessage notifications and not others, this feature would be the only way to do that short of using a 3rd party app.