Wyze Sense Hub Firmware Released 7/7/2022


I should mention that I had no doubts of this. I already had a good friend do some thorough testing on the dB increase back in April using some actual sound meters at the appropriate distance between the old firmware and the April firmware update that increased the volume. He showed me in a video demonstration that there was roughly an 8 dB increase. He tested the old firmware at 80.5dB from the 2ft range (the distance the original Wyze tests used), and then when Wyze made the Sound update, he showed the same distance at 88.4dB from the 2ft range.

To put that in perspective, a 10dB difference is perceived as twice as loud and every increase of 10dB is equal to a 10-fold increase in sound pressure level, so this isn’t quite 10 dB, so it’s not twice as loud, and it is just shy of the 90dB it was at originally at launch, but it is a significant increase from where it was (80.5dB) before Wyze increased the volume again for us.

This was one of the main things that had me excited to finally update my hub to newer firmware now that the March bugs were resolved. :slight_smile:

I do still look forward to being able to use other chimes as they mentioned or Wyze possibly looking into a separate Siren like they talked about researching in an AMA a while ago. But I am very happy the firmware update was successful and I can have things a little louder again now. :slight_smile:

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Aren’t we all waiting for the ability to silence door chimes altogether without the need to sign up for home monitoring service?

We engineers are always most perplexed by things that just resolve for reasons unknown… :smile:

Sometimes subsequent investigations are revelatory.

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Yes, I would like to silence my wyze sense hubs… don’t need them ‘dinking’ every time the refrigerator or freezer is opened…

But, wouldn’t mind a audible notification when specific entry sensors are ‘openned’

So, it would be nice to configure the audible alert on a per sensor basis.


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I attempted a few times now to go from .264 to .249, failing each time.

Hub is connected via Ethernet, and power of course.

I’ll try again this weekend.

Log: 638735


FYI: My 2nd Sense Hub updated without incident, it is not on Ethernet.


This thing has brought nothing but frustrations after frustrations for me.

Am I really paying for this?
And this is supposed to be a security device?
I mean, will I continue to trust this for any ounce of security?

Issue 1:

  • Got the package in April and Started charging for the subscription even though I have never activated, never even opened the hub. I started using June (I was moving).

Issue 2:

  • Won’t connect via WiFi. I know my network very well. I am well versed with home networking,

Issue 3: MicroUSB hardware failure. Because, you know, “microUSB”.

Issue 4: Won’t finish setup for home monitoring.

Issue 5: Asked for replacement. Took literal days to a week to get a sensible person to understand that it was a hardware issue.

Issue 6: Problem persisted (Issue#4). Contacted support. I explained thoroughly the issue (was 99% sure the issue was software based on troubleshooting and THIS forum). Support did not seem to care and just sent another replacement.

Of course, I am able to resolve my own issue without even using the replacement hub. I now have 3 hubs. One with a loose microUSB connector, and the one they sent because they did not understand the issue.

Issue 7: FIRMWARE TIME! Of course, this broke my hub again. Went to “pairing” mode lights for the whole day (no wonder my rules/routines were not working), only it wouldn’t pair. I pressed the back for repairing, did not work. I had to hard reset, and did a re-pair. did not work because of Issue #2

All is fine and dandy, but remember, I am an educated and experienced individual (sw/hw engineer). I am familiar with how software and how electronics work. If I know nothing about troubleshooting, imagine how many holes will end up in my wall from frustration.

I mean, even if I try to reach support, I’d end up in a loop. Again, this forum is what actually helps me half the time.

And it’s only the first week of July.

I am supposed to trust my life with this?



I personally don’t trust it to provide that service. I use the Sense Hub for everything but that purpose.

I wouldn’t

Agreed that the frustrations are there, and I’d be even more frustrated if I were relying upon this system as a security device.

Thank goodness it’s only monitoring my multiple motion sensors to turn on lights or using entry sensors to let me know that I left a refrigerator or freezer door open, or that “You’ve got Mail” on my Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) when my mailbox Motion sensor detects the mailbox door has been opened, or that my garage is opened or fully closed via an entry sensor.

I too experienced an issue where Wyze Tech support ‘tossed’ a replacement Hub my way to take care of my supposedly failed Hub (turned out it wasn’t a hardware issue).

I ‘self monitor’ via notificatins form my Wyze Cams, entry sensors, motion sensors and Other than Wyze Cams for any motion in the house.


With HMS, you configure the Tunes (chime) setting for individual sensors. Without HMS you have no access to the setting. There is already a “Wish List” posting for this ability:


Agreed… Granular should be the end goal. Any portal to which we apply sensors is obviously important to some degree, but not necessarily important enough that we need audible alerts from all of them all of the time. Constant chimes desensitize us. Only the most important access need the tones.

EDIT-1: I wouldn’t mind some sort of scheduler as to when audible chimes sound versus when they are silenced.

Doesn’t hurt to mention it elsewhere often. Increases the likelihood that someone will get the message… Squeaky wheels & all :wink:

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Understood, but Wyze seems to pay more attention to Wish List items then to general posts of issues. Both are good so everyone should be sure to vote for the Wish List item as well.

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I cast my vote there the very same day I deployed my sense v2 hub… :+1:t2:

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Thanks for the reminder of that specific wish list… I am one of the 13 votes in place at this time.

Perhaps 14 votes will get Wyze to take notice :slight_smile:


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What is the consensus on the most recent firmware? Is it safe to install?

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There were no negative reports in beta to my recollection. Definitely nothing serious/noteworthy. I think all the beta tests were all upgrades from x.249 to x.264 so if you already have x 249 you should almost definitely be fine to upgrade.

I may have been the first to update from x.7.177 to x.9.264 and you can see my report above. Ultimately it was successful and I have not experienced/noticed anything abnormal since after the first 15 minutes or so after the final update. Everything seems good (and I checked fairly thoroughly)… And that’s coming from my hub which has experienced every single possible major bug so far on every firmware up through x.177 that has had anyone report significant bugs. Some people haven’t experienced all the bugs that others have, but mine has always hit them all, and it currently has no ill effects from it as far as I can tell.

It has my approval thus far. :+1:


WOW! Just… WOW!

Thank you Wyze!

Just updated from .213 to .249 - update completed and immediately updated the app FW update page to show .249 installed .264 available. Three lights were cycling from left to right quickly on the hub. Executed update from .249 to .264 without touching the hub, installed perfectly, no reboot or reset required.

Update did toggle two of my contact sensors to tone off, but these were easily toggled back.

All tones work, arming and disarming works in app and on keypads, alarm triggers by motion sensor and by contact sensor, push notification alarm alert is immediate, disarming from app Noonlight keypad is immediate.



THANK YOU! So I wasn’t going crazy or senile. I wasn’t sure as I stated above. Exactly 2 sensors had the chime disabled for me too, but I wasn’t totally sure if that was from the firmware update or me forgetting about something I did previously for some reason. I’m glad you confirmed that it was the update that did it, since I wasn’t sure.

@WyzeJasonJ will you pass on confirmation about this update turning off chime/tune-settings on exactly 2 sensors for at least 2 of us so far now? That seems to be more than a coincidence. As @SlabSlayer said, it’s not a big issue, we both just toggled them back on, but it is probably something the team should be aware of now that it has been replicated and confirmed. Maybe see if they can find the cause and fix it so it doesn’t happen in future updates.

@SlabSlayer will you submit a log for Jason so they have another log to compare with mine above. Since it was just a firmware update that caused it, I would do a log for the hub, and not the app.
Great job buddy. Thanks for the report.

Following the update I am no longer able to change the volume setting on the hub. It defaults to medium.

iOS app version 2.32.0 (20)

Log 641168

Also noticed it was showing as offline in the app but all three lights were on. Power cycled it and it now shows as online.

Update: Checked just now and the volume is set to low. Guess I’ll keep an eye on it for now.


Hub Log 641178

It was the third and fourth sensor in my Tune Settings list.

Mine were the 5th and 10th sensor in the tune settings list.

@WildBill that is interesting. I know past firmware versions had been doing that. I don’t think mine changed. I just confirmed I am still able to change mine.

Report back once it has been at least 2 hours and see if things are working as normal again. I had weird results (latency) for a few minutes right after (like 15 min), but when I checked again 2 hrs later everything was normal. So I wonder if yours will also auto-resolve within that time frame, or if it’s because you don’t have HMS and I do. It will be good to figure out if that makes a difference somehow.
I’m thinking you’ll get that ability back though, HMS shouldn’t make a difference in the hub settings, but it could be a bug I couldn’t test since I do have HMS. Let us know.

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