Wyze sense flashes red every few seconds, offline

Hello, is this a low battery or does sensor need 're pairing / reset? thanks

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the sensor is in an awkward place, if someone could let me know if this is a low battery issue or not that would be great.
it flashes 3 times in quick succession every 30 seconds or so.

I’m pretty sure you have a low battery. If this is your first replacement, especially given the awkward place problem, Replace it with a good name brand. I’ve been thru that and it does make s difference.
You probably won’t have to re-add after replacing the battery unless there is another problem.
Before it goes offline there should be a small red battery icon in the upper left corner of the contact screen that begins to display when it gets low. Plus the device info screen gives you a bar graph showing strength.
Hope you’re not in too a tough a spot to access it!