Wyze Sense Does the camera with the bridge have to be on?

Does the camera with the bridge have to be on for the sensors to work ? Eg: I would have the cameras off when home but still want to know if a door is open. Thanks

Yes, the bridge uses the camera’s WiFi connection.

Please see the Wyze Sense Guides

I get my Wyze Sense notifications even if my camera with the bridge is in power down mode via app.

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Only pairing with the hub requires the camera to be on, otherwise it just works…

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In “off” mode, the camera is still maintaining its connection with your WiFi. That function only turns off recording and live streaming, not the ability for the bridge to still function via the cameras WiFi connection. This is so you can turn the camera recording and live streaming functions back “on” via IoT command and not have to physically power cycle the camera. To truly turn off the bridge, and not get Sense notifications, the power would have to physically be turned off.

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normally when i am at home via IFTTT, my wyze cam turns off, i wish it would turn off the motion detection sensor too. doesn’t make sense that there is no way to turn that off because i’d get thousands of notifications of motion if that’s the case.