Wyze Cam V2 unstable/unreachable with the sensor adapter plugged in

This is with the Wyze Cam V2 black version. The app says it is power off when in fact it is powered up and the light on the sensor hub is blue. It keeps misbehaving! Are there known problems with this configuration?

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This is by design. The light on the Wyze Sense Bridge will remain on when the camera is toggled off. Turning off the camera does not turn off the bridge. This is so you can still use your sensors even if you don’t want to LiveStream or get notifications from the camera. You can toggle the bridge LED off in the app if you don’t want bridge light on.


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I had not provided the full info, I was in a hurry. I hit power on icon on the app. The indicator shows ‘on’. But the app keeps saying camera is off (as it is unable to connect to the camera?). If I power cycle the camera I can connect. But when I leave it plugged in (and turn off the camera via the app.) when I come later to turn it back on, I am not able to. I struggle with this step on the other two cameras I have as well, but with the sensor hub it seems to be much worst.