Wyze Sense Bridge Status Light is always on?

I have the status light turned off. Now I have wyze sense bridge attached, there is a bright blue light always on behind the camera. Is there a way to turn off status light from the wyze bridge too?


I don’t know the answer, but there’s always the low tech solution: a little piece of black electrical tape.


I was experiencing this same issue. I installed my Wyze Sense starter kit for the first time last night and that bright blue status light on the Wyze Sense Bridge literally acts as a night light for an entire area of my house. This draws way too much attention to the camera, especially when watching TV and having guests over. For now, I probably will put black electrical tape on it, but for the long term, I would rather have the option to turn it off. To clarify, the status light on the camera itself is turned off, I am talking about the bright blue status light on the Wyze Sense Bridge (attached to the camera).


I too have my status lights disabled and noticed the blue glow coming from the camera with the Wyze Bridge. The Bridge status led should be configurable…


Following. Same issue.

So much for a hidden camera.

The ability to turn off the bridge LED is intended to be added. You can follow the status and vote here:


Yes. you select the camera the bridge is plugged in to, go to settings, extended devices, and turn off indicator light.

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