Problems Connecting Sensors

I was having a problem making some changes to a contact sensor and rules/schedules. Nothing seemed to work so I thought I would try deleting the sensor and add again. Well, I could not connect the sensor to the bridge even though the bridge status light was blue. (The bridge is connected to a Wyze Pan Cam.) After much frustration I wondered “does the camera itself need to be turned on?” I normally have it turned off (in the app) for privacy reasons. I turned the camera “on” and tried again. SUCCESS!! I could now connect the contact sensor and make setting and rule/schedule changes.

Wyze should include in the troubleshooting that the bridge light need so be a solid blue and to “make sure the camera with the bridge is turned ON in the app.”

The bridge gets its power from the camera so the camera has to be on. I think most people understand that but you do make a good point that it wouldn’t hurt to add that in

The camera can be turned off in the app and the bridge will still work, the bridge will only stop working if you cut off power to the camera like unplugging it or turning it off using a smart plug


Good to know. Thanks

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Yes Jason, you replied before I had the chance. I run the bridge with power to the camera, but the camera “off” in the app settings. This way the bridge is still powered (blue status light) and connected sensors operational, but the camera is not operational for privacy. I wanted people to know I found the camera needs to be “on” in order to connect or make some changes to connected sensors and rules/schedules. Wyze does not mention this in their troubleshooting.


Good info. Thanks