Turn off Sense bridge status LED light

Would like the ability to turn off the Blue status LED light on the Sense bridge module that plugs into a camera.

Just like the cameras the status light draws unnecessary attention to its presence.

This is actually already being worked on. In the mean time, I’d suggest a small piece of black electrical tape.


Great to hear! And good suggestion! Thanks!


It comes in white also, electrical tape.
LOL just giving you a hard time.
A lot of people are not aware it comes in a plethora of colors.

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I wish there was a toggle switch (like on the cameras) to disable the bright blue light on the sense hub. It makes my camera stand out like a sore thumb at night.

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I am glad this is being worked on, since one of my cameras faces the hallway outside my bedroom and ironically the Sense LED was shining straight into my face at night (LED has been taped since). I might be asking for too much, but dimming the LED at night would be nice (maybe some PWM would work). Otherwise, a night schedule would also work (turn off after sunset but on during the day)

Yes. The blue light is surprisingly bright and negates the ability to turn off the cam light.

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Last night my cat was batting the camera around, I assume because of the light in the otherwise dark room from the Sense bridge plugged into it. That camera is in the bedroom so it was not set to record. I will try again today and see if I can catch the cat in action, it’s actually kind of funny to watch.


Toggle to turn off the blue light on the Sense Bridge.


@stuold, I moved your comment to an actual #wishlist item about it. Don’t forget to VOTE at the top-left! :slight_smile:


Please give an option to turn off the indicator light on the Wyze Sense bridge. The light makes the corner of the room glow behind the camera and draws attention to it. Being able to turn off the indicator light, like you can with the cameras, would be awesome. Thanks for considering.

Thanks for that. Still finding my way around the Forums

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when exactly will this simple fix be implemented? running out of patience here…the light is BRIGHT.

Hi @jnpt, I see you’re new here. Welcome to the community! Here’s how the Wishlist and Roadmap items work. :slight_smile:

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I honestly don’t know if it is a “simple” fix or not. But I also am not privy to the internal priorities at Wyze. My best guess is that it will be addressed as soon as it can reasonably be done.

Have patience I do believe they are aware of the drawbacks to the current situation and will address it as quickly as they can. In the meantime I found that a small blob of blue tack or other putty worked wonders for eliminating the annoying blue glow.

how many votes are required for the team to look into this? i didn’t see any measurable metrics for user votes or anything that would trigger the next phase.

Wyze uses the votes to gauge interest in a feature or product, and then after looking at their resources, and their own internal priorities, they then tag each Wishlist topic. The fact this is tagged as “researching” is a good sign. It’s better than the “maybe-later” and “probably-not” tags.

I also vote for this, the light is really bright and I would like to turn it off.

Well, scratch what I said earlier. It was just moved to the #Roadmap and tagged “in-development” :slight_smile:


great news! thanks for bringing this to my attention!