Does Camera Need to be On to Power Sensor Hub

I don’t mean plugged in, but if I turn it off in the app will the hub still work for the sensors?

I have a camera I’d like to use to power a hub, but it tends to spend most of its life in the off state.

I suppose I can just experiment, but figured I’d see if anyone already did.

Yes, the bridge and sensors will continue to work. :slight_smile:


Yes, the camera must be on for the bridge to work OR yes, the bridge will still work if the camera is off? Your reply is ambiguous so I want to be clear. I have my cameras setup via IFTTT to only come on when I leave my home. I have a Wyze sensor on my garage door (and I had to add a separate antenna to the sensor in order to get a good signal less then 20 feet from the bridge, but through a stucco wall), but I can’t get the sensor to continue working. The app always says “open” after a bit of time even after multiple tests when I attached the sensor. I have the same problem the motion detector which I installed in my mailbox about 30 feet from the hub in another direction. Signal strength shows 3 bars on garage door (after the antenna was added) and one bar on the motion, but they do not ever trip. I’ve read other posts saying that the hub might quit working after midnight and has to be reset daily.

I directly answered the question part of your post. From the rest of your post, it didn’t appear you wanted any additional information. I apologize if I misunderstood what you were asking.

Just out of curiosity, how did you add an external antenna to the sensor?

I saw this on another thread. On the window/door switch sensor, remove the back (there is a tab on the side). Take a thin wire and strip the end. Stick that end into the coiled spring at the top of the the sensor (the spring is the antenna). I put a small notch in the case for the wire to exit from once the back is replaced. I used a piece of wire about six inches long. This increased the signal from 1 to 3 bars. I have not figured out how to add one on the movement sensor though.

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